Встреча выпускников
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Alumni meeting

Alumni meeting The whole class met as expected, celebrated until the pig squealed and began to go home, some have a wife at home, some have a husband, but still stayed and the single time passed 12 at night and suddenly my former classmate came up and sat down next to me and started talking about ...

Жаркие турки
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Hot Turks

Two years ago, my friend and I went on vacation to Turkey. Sea, sun, sand, what else do you need for relaxation? My friend always said good sex. It must be said that both of us are married ladies, but unlike her, I have always been a woman who remains faithful. The first two days of our vacation we sunbathed...

Порочная студентка
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Vicious student

Alice came to the lecture with great reluctance to study that day. She wanted something special in the morning. She was burning with desire. Her slit demanded immediate gratification. Alice sat down at her desk and began to carefully take notes from the teacher in order to somehow distract herself from obscene thoughts, but nothing worked for her. She…

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They drove silently in his car... it seemed that two strangers filled this space and only occasionally glances thrown towards each other said that they knew each other... each thought about his own, but the proximity of the other person softened their depression and anger... Depression- what is this?.. indifference.. anger at the world or something else...

Зубной кабинет
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Dental office

God, how I’m afraid of this office!!!...thought Vladimir, but the sharp pain pushed him forward...the pills didn’t help and only the help of a doctor could return him to normal life......Come in!!!...the smell of medicine filled his nose, and his heart he was ready to jump out of his chest... they sat him down, although they put him more in a comfortable chair... he wanted to relax, but there was no way...

Встреча в поезде
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Meeting on the train

This happened to me about five years ago. I was traveling by train to Hamburg to visit my friend for her birthday. My husband refused to go with me, we had a big fight. I was sitting in the carriage, looking out the window, and tears welled up in my eyes from resentment towards my husband. At one of the stops, several people entered the carriage….

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“Nastya” A complete set of sex between two. I once went to see Nastya. I came in on business, whether to give it or take notes, I don’t remember. She met me at the door and offered to go inside and have a beer. I never turned down a freebie and gladly agreed. I must say that Nastya looks...

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When we met, she was 22 and I was 19. Almost immediately we started having sex with her, but everything was simple and primitive. Once I asked to give me a blowjob, to which she said that for this I should lick her pussy. So it went so that I...

Горячие губки
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Hot lips

One day I was driving in the car in the evening from work. Tired, angry. A girl stood at the intersection and waved her hand. She was tall, slender, with long beautiful legs. She was wearing a white blouse and a medium-length skirt with a slit on the side. I stopped and the girl quickly sat in the front seat. She asked me to take her...

Прекрасная проверка=)
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Great check =)

I was woken up by the doorbell. I opened my eyes, looked at my watch, and went to the door in what I slept in, that is, completely naked, throwing on a towel, I opened the door behind the bars (the bars connect two apartments) and there stood a beautiful, pretty girl of about twenty-five. “Are you coming to me?” – I asked her. “Yes,” she said...

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It was a sad, promising evening; Max had no desire to go home; he was sitting with a friend in another room and reading a newspaper. Nothing foreshadowed what happened that evening. At that moment I didn’t want anything, my friend Sasha had been sleeping for a long time, but suddenly the doorbell rang... It was about 12...

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Blow job

-Well, okay! - -No! No way! - Come on, I said it! - Sasha roughly pushed Dasha to the floor. His cousin reluctantly complied. Slowly unzipping his fly, she began to remove his pants. Pulling them down to her knees, she thought a little. Dasha has already submitted to Sasha several times with his blowjob. Having already pulled out his device,...

Девственная пора
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Virgin time

It was recently, I met a beautiful girl Lena... we met on the street. . I invited her to have tea, but for some reason she refused at home... . . but at the moment of tea, I found out that she was a virgin, that everything was still ahead (and where else :-))), howl. . Having learned this, I grabbed my horse...

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Morning. I lie next to her, vaguely remembering what we did yesterday. In a word, love reigned all yesterday and played with us like clowns play with a doll. I thought about all this as I held my princess to my chest. She suddenly began to sniffle unexpectedly and opened her eyes. Without saying anything, he kisses me...

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Taxi driver

My wife went to see her friend again... As always, I went to meet her at the intersection where she arrived in a taxi. It was already about ten o'clock in the evening, and she still wasn't there. Cold, snow, frost... In the distance there was an old 21st Volga and no more cars. After some time, this Volga drove up and there it was... mine...

Фантазии на заданную тему (№1) Из переписки
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Fantasies on a given topic (No. 1) From correspondence

>> Нет, я хочу, чтобы ты написала, как ты его сосешь… ПОДРОБНО!Облизываю сначала – везде-везде. Потом беру кончик. Вижу – ты хочешь большего! И беру весь в рот. Ты кончаешь!Ты думаешь, я так быстро кончу? Хе-хе! Ошибаешься! Чтобы я кончил, нужно делать так: Я сажусь в кресло, ты опускаешься передо…

Я не соска
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I'm not a pacifier

Me again. About what? About the blowjob. Three small stories. How I gave a blowjob for the first time. The first time I gave my husband a blowjob. And how I gave a blow job to someone other than my husband for the first time. The first times are memorable. At 14 years old, I was still a girl. I met a guy. Kissed him until he was stupefied. She allowed herself to be touched...

Прости, братик
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Sorry brother

It happened at the beginning of summer, the guys and I wanted to get together as an all-male group and sit down, because as a rule, you can drink in two ways: either having fun, or with women!!! At first we had a lot of fun, but then the drinks ran out and we began to remember the phone numbers of girls who we could, to put it mildly, “call” and a little...

Мой фитнесс
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My fitness

I did fitness in the evenings, so to speak, I strengthened my shape. After one of the workouts, as always, I went to the shower (women’s), and there was no water there. I went to the administrator - so they say and so where is the water. he explained - we haven’t been able to fix the problems for a long time, but if you want a man’s soul to be free and there...

Любовь и страсть
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Love and passion

They were a happy married couple who lived for five wonderful years. The sexual relationship suited both of them; he didn’t demand much from her, she didn’t ask. They made love like most friends, judging by their stories. The stories were almost the same: “He lay down on me, made a few movements and finished or positioned me...